October 20, 2022

GBuilder adopts Cuvama to deepen its offerings in bringing the construction sector to the digital era


·      GBuilder chooses Cuvama to further its focus on bringing value to its customers, starting from the sales engagement

·      Together, Cuvama and GBuilder have structured and quantified the value of GBuilder’s platform for their various teams I.e., sales, customer service, worksite, project management, construction­

·      GBuilder’s sales reps now have a branded app that helps them sell with confidence and ensure prospects understand the value that GBuilder’s solution can bring

GBuilder has signed a deal with Cuvama, a value-discovery app that enables B2B SaaS sales and marketing teams to sell value and outcomes, not just features and functions. GBuilder is a building information model (BIM)-based customer journey management platform for property developers that digitalises the interaction between customers, project teams, and construction sites.

GBuilder is using Cuvama to refine and enhance their value proposition, as well as their value-based selling capabilities. Given GBuilder’s focus on the construction sector, which has historically not embraced the digital revolution, segmenting their message based on the ‘digitalisation maturity’ of their prospects was a key requirement for GBuilder. This is what Cuvama is helping them achieve.

GBuilder’s own branded app guides sales reps to easily uncover business challenges with buyer stakeholders, agree on outcome KPIs and link them to a GBuilder solution. The monetary value is quantified for every opportunity, and the system is scalable and used consistently across existing reps and new hires. This is all provided in Cuvama’s digital app that fosters collaboration and customer ownership.

“Cuvama is helping our sales reps to nail that one chance that we have with our prospects in the construction sector by offering their expertise on more credible, more relevant and more compelling messaging.” says Mikko Merikanto, Chief Operating Officer at GBuilder.

In addition to an improved, outcome-centric sales experience, the GBuilder team expects to differentiate itself in the industry with the Cuvama app, evangelise the use of digital tools in construction, reduce the long sales cycles that are endemic to the industry, and have a positive impact in every customer success plan. The customer success team will also know what the customer has bought and, more importantly, why they bought it.

“From the beginning it was exciting to witness GBuilder’s strong belief in selling customer value and outcomes, not features and functions. We helped them with the last pieces of their value proposition puzzle and how to bring consistency and scalability to their selling processes,” says Alex Smith, Co-Founder of Cuvama.  

About Cuvama

Cuvama is the first native customer value management (CVM) platform that evolves the buying and selling experience for B2B technology companies. Each Cuvama module spans a part of the customer journey, enabling SaaS businesses and their customers to match product capabilities to desired customer outcomes. This results in improved sales performance and customer adoption and value realisation for business. The Cuvama platform customer base spans B2B SaaS businesses headquartered in the UK, US and Europe.


About GBuilder

GBuilder is a BIM-based Customer Journey Management platform for property developers that digitalizes the interaction between customers, project teams, and construction sites. Market-proven to enhance customer experience, improve efficiency, quality and sustainability! Used in 10 European countries in over 300 projects.


GBuilder white-paper cover titled "Configuration Module 2.0 - The Hearth of a Modern Customer Journey"

Download GBuilder white paper

Why now is the right time to invest in digital customer journey management with the help of a configuration module and boost your sales and ROI simultaneously.

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