January 11, 2022

Finnish ConTech company GBuilder teams up with ex-Zoopla director Mark Witherspoon


The former Data Services Director of Zoopla Property Group, Mark Witherspoon has joined the Finnish ConTech company GBuilder to accelerate their growth in the UK.

The partnership with Witherspoon, and the use of his real estate expertise and vast network will accelerate GBuilder’s growth in the UK market. GBuilder has brought a modern, digitalised, and more efficient way of working to residential developers and house-builders in the UK market. With their BIM-based platform, they empower the developers, home-buyers and contractors in the home buying and building processes, providing everyone involved with the right information at the right time.

According to GBuilder’s CEO Harri Majala, the British market is a perfect fit for GBuilder, that has already demonstrated huge potential in other European markets. Through this cooperation with Mark Witherspoon, GBuilder can now focus their growth on the UK market.

“I see great potential for GBuilder's software in the UK market! There is a growing demand for this type of service in the UK. As an industry, we need to improve the cooperation between all stakeholders in the buying and building processes and I am convinced that the best way to do that is to bring GBuilder into the UK market. With my experience and network together with GBuilder's sophisticated software I am convinced that we can be one of the key catalysts for the digitalisation of the UK housebuilding industry” says Mark Witherspoon.

About Mark Witherspoon

Witherspoon has held a wide variety of executive roles in both residential property and retail financial services over the past 35 years.

In 2009 Witherspoon joined Zoopla Property Group as a Data Services Director wherehe led the development of a broad range of data services, including thecreation of a number of successful commercial collaborations with other leadingdata players.

Today Witherspoon has a portfolio of PropTech/ConTech NED and board advisory roles including TwentyCi, Allbricks, sqft Capital & Canopy, and recently has played key roles with REalyse and YourKeys.

About GBuilder

GBuilder is a BIM-compatible customer journeymanagement platform for property developers and construction companies tomanage customer-related tasks, material choices and options, configurationswith 3D & VR visualisations, change requests, communication, documentationand much more.

With over 40.000 housing units built through GBuilder’s platform, the software is already widely used by Scandinavia’s largest residential developers and construction companies, such as YIT, Bonava, Skanska, and Hartela. There are already ongoing projects in the UK and in other countries, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the Baltics.

Additional information:
Harri Majala
+358 44 556 2940

Mark Witherspoon joins GBuilder.
GBuilder white-paper cover titled "Configuration Module 2.0 - The Hearth of a Modern Customer Journey"

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Why now is the right time to invest in digital customer journey management with the help of a configuration module and boost your sales and ROI simultaneously.

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