• Wow, we’ve come a long way!

    To think that only some time ago materials were selected using rock-excel-scissors.

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    • IDEA

Our team has been working in sales and customer service for close to twenty year and customer-centric thinking has always been our bread and butter. Especially during the past
ten years, our dedication and focus on customer needs has proved to be a good strategy. It has helped us grow from a small construction company into the largest family
house builder in our market area.

When selecting software for our own use we noticed that there was no toolset available on the market that would cover all our needs. We bought a CAD license and searched for available 3D modelling tools for sales and marketing purposes, but soon ended up having separate software for CAD drawings, customer change requests, and marketing purposes. Our data was split between separate tools, which meant a lot of manual updates. We started to wonder why no-one had created a more efficient solution.


After lengthy negotiations with a company based in Oulu we managed to purchase our own CAD program. For this we are still grateful and continue to count our lucky stars, as the BIM capabilities of the program extend the potential use cases for our product significantly. The purchase resulted in the birth of GBCAD, which is the foundation for all our data models, room cards, quantity surveying, printing tools, and 3D models.

We ended up planning a new type of a product that would make the end to-end process clearer and more efficient and introduce more control to the sometimes chaotic construction business. First meetings were held in summer of 2012 and towards the end of the year, Group Builder Oy was founded. In spring 2013, one year after drafting the initial idea, we had gathered enough capital to start development work.

      • GB 1.4 / 1.6


The first GBuilder release (GB 1.4) was published in fall 2014 and included a basic set of functionalities. Our main goals with the first release were to get valuable testing feedback from actual customers and to prove to other construction companies that GBuilder could bring added value to organizations as well as end-users.

(GB 1.6)

Although GB 1.4 was a fully functional release, we still wanted to make significant improvements to its usability. We wanted to create a tool with not only unique functionality but also a unique look-and feel! The updated product, GB 1.6, was published in summer 2015. Now, in fall 2015, GB 1.6 release is in active use in various projects around Finland.


New innovations, such as virtual reality headsets, are changing the world and also construction business. Thus, our next release will include Oculus Rift support along with various other new features that users do not yet even know they need. Our reaction time is among the fastest in the industry. Our work methods are based on the same principles as our product: we continuously keep construction companies, our customers, at the centre of everything we do. We believe in making material selection an adventure.

Welcome to a new, customer-centric era of construction!

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