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How Lapti Improved Their Processes with GBuilder

Talking with
Jorma Koskelo, Sales and Marketing Director

Lapti Oy is a growing and profitable operator in the construction industry, which, in addition to residential construction, specialises in corporate & office construction services and also hospital construction. Lapti is among the TOP 4 companies in Finland that sell apartments to private households.

Oulu, Finland
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GBuilder had a chat about GBuilder's and Lapti's cooperation with Lapti's Sales and Marketing Director, Jorma Koskelo. Jorma talked us through the reasons for why they chose GBuilder together with how they use the platform.

Today, Lapti manages all their Build to Sell (BTS) properties through GBuilder. This includes meeting invitations and collateral releases within the projects. Below you can find out, what Jorma told us.

We chose GBuilder for its comprehensiveness.

We weren’t looking for the bells and whistles, yet another add-on or a point solution; we just wanted to improve our own processes. What we looked for from a partner was:

1. We wanted a platform to manage material selections and modifications.

2. We wanted a platform that can handle 3D so that is a pleasure to use, and can be used as marketing tool - your new home as “real” as it’s going to be, yet still full of possibilities and promise.

3. We wanted a platform that can handle the digital handover and the aftercare.

It was also very important for us that the customer needs only one username for the project, and that they can manage the material selections and have a communication channel between the building site and the customer service using that same username.

Lapti tried some others solutions as well, but eventually settled for GBuilder. It is clear that is was developed, and continue to be actively developed, based on the needs of the customers.

GBuilder is the best and the most advanced of all the platforms on the market.
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