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Buyers can report, track and approve issues via Mobile App
Issues and defects are automatically linked to the correct property and material
Communicate, assign and manage issues on one platform
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Defect Management

Provide buyers and sub-contractors with an easy to use mobile app to report and fix defects and issues as they appear. Save time and reduce contacts to customer care.

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Easy-to-use mobile app
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Exact location and image of defects
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Can be used in various forms of inspections

Direct Link to Material Data

Provide your teams and sub-contractors with detailed information of each issue and defect to avoid unnecessary visits to properties.

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Exact and detailed materials information
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Avoid unncessary work
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Historical data

Real-time Issue Tracking

Allow buyers to have a real-time view on the progress of the repair process to avoid unnecessary contacts to customer care.

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Less customer contacts
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More satisfied customers
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Improved quality assurance

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