Deliver an Interactive 3D Experience for Every Home

Visualise each and every individual property in detail
Showcase decorations and external views
Automated visualisation of all material combinations
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Dynamic HD3D

Create an emotional connection between homebuyers and their new homes at the earliest stage of construction to create more value for you and your customers.

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Boost off-plan sales
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Show external views
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Buyers can freely move around their home

Furniture and Furnishings

Enhance each property with popular high-quality furniture and furnishings to create a realistic and visually attractive online homebuying experience.

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Better customer experience
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Less complaints
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Add-on furniture sales

Virtual Reality

Automatically create an immersive homebuying experience of each individual property.

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Enhanced buyer experience
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Close deals faster
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Boost brand exposure

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Discover how GBuilder optimises project management tasks, customer experience and construction process.
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