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Deliver Accurate Real-time Data to All Departments

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"We compared five solutions before choosing GBuilder. Their customer journey management platform offers the most comprehensive solution available on the market."
Mika Virsunen
CIO, Lapti Group
Integrate to your existing apps and systems
Ensure real-time and up-to-date data
Share data across your organisation

Integrate to Your Existing Apps and Systems

Integrate GBuilder into your existing processes, apps and systems to stay competitive and increase ROI.

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Integrate to your ERP and other software
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Digitalise processes
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Take advantage of the single sign-on

Ensure Real-time and Up-to-date Data

Always have every detail of each individual property available for your stakeholders.

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Connect homebuyers, office and worksite on one platform
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See all updates instantly
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Access data at anytime, on any device

Share Data Across Your Organisation

Ensure crucial information is readily available to anyone who needs it, and they can access it everywhere, at anytime, on any device.

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See all change requests at the worksite in real time
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Collaborate at anytime, on any device
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Avoid miscommunications

Keep Everything Safe and Secured in One Place

Easily access and secure all your data in GBuilder’s cloud-based platform.

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Secure your data
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Access historical records at any time
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Customise access rights

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