February 27, 2024

Feature Launch: DecoTool - Furnish and decorate in real-time in a 3D environment

Exciting Feature Launch Announcement for HouseBuilders and Developers!

Homebuyers and residents can now customise their furniture design and layout with GBuilder's new DecoTool! Created by GBuilder and paired with our GBHomebook, DecoTool revolutionises the new-home buying and online shopping experience!Explore, personalize, and visualize dream homes with unparalleled ease. All orders can be processed and managed via the GBuilder platform, offering additional revenue streams and enhanced customer service.Don’t miss our teaser video below showcasing DecoTool in action. Stay tuned for updates, and contact us for a free demo!

GBuilder white-paper cover titled "Configuration Module 2.0 - The Hearth of a Modern Customer Journey"

Download GBuilder white paper

Why now is the right time to invest in digital customer journey management with the help of a configuration module and boost your sales and ROI simultaneously.

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Secure sales faster
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Increase off-plan sales
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Manage handovers digitally
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