June 15, 2020

Technology, hard labor, vision — let’s talk about 3D


Life isn’t about finding yourself or finding anything. Life is about creating yourself. 

True enough. So let’s talk about 3D, our new 3D. The way we pictured it a few years back: take your mobile device and step right into your future home; have fun, make your dream come true, mold it, create it, this is the portal for the job! We had the homebuyer in mind from the get-go. We saw his or her role rising in this business, we wanted to create the right tool. We wanted to take the customer journey even further. So let’s do it! How hard can it be? I mean, we have seen videogames like Sims — you decorate, you upgrade, you have a party, you dance. 

But to make something look easy, well, in the real world at least, that is always the hardest thing. Technology, hard labor, vision. Data and information. Knowledge and experience. Messages from the field, yes, we are always listening. We all learn best when moving ahead. This is the direction we want to take, the narrow road, the great unknown. To get there, to get it “just right”.

We sell iron and concrete. But we also sell dreams. A home is typically the biggest investment in our lives. Traditionally homebuyers have had to look at generic sample pictures or models. Or go to “the showroom”, experience very close to the one you get when buying a new pair of jeans, trying them on in a fitting room. We wanted to give an experience that is personal and very emotional right from the start, a key factor in selling off-plan property.

Homebuyer experience

Let’s try the living room with green walls, the bathroom should have some tiles with flowers, the parquet needs a darker color, let’s give it a go before we decide. Imagine all this in high resolution and with a great user interface, camera floating effortlessly from room to room like a jellyfish — your new home as “real” as it’s going to be, yet still full of possibilities and promise. Imagine that you step outside to your future balcony and see the scenery without the noise and dirt of the building site and with a view to the park, the beach, or the sun going down.

We have always had a 3D modeling feature in GBuilder, and it’s been built on Unity engine. However, the users’ computer and bandwidth have set limitations on quality. With the new feature from Unity we are no longer restricted by those factors and we can deliver stunning, dynamic, high definition 3D models to any computer or mobile device even on low bandwidth. According to Unity, GBuilder is the first, and so far the only, contech-company in the world that has this. With our new 3D module, housebuilders can now turn their CAD files to interactive, high definition 3D models making it possible, for the first time, to show every available apartment or house to buyers. It is now possible to change themes and materials provided by the developer fast and swimmingly. You can visit your future home from anywhere and any time with any device, phone, tablet, laptop. 

“It just works” — those magic words in our field. The sweet “this is it” moments that usually await for those who work hard enough, believing in their vision. End game? No. Finished product? Of course not. Revolutionary? Groundbreaking? Yes, and yes. We are very proud and excited about how far we’ve come, how far technology has come — and we can’t wait to show it to you in the very near future. Those who have been testing it, who have been tinkering with it, say the same thing over and over again: It is amazing!

Bottomline. Our beacon on the hill at GBuilder. To be creative on the highest level: To create something new, something that “just works”. Something that has never existed before, but now that it’s here, how could we ever live without it. Stay tuned!

GBuilder white-paper cover titled "Configuration Module 2.0 - The Hearth of a Modern Customer Journey"

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