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Mervi Sammalmaa, Sales Director

Rave is a medium sized construction company from Ylivieska in Finland. Rave develops and builds residential, industrial, and commercial spaces, with extraordinary projects like a fire station, schools and daycares, business parks and a church. In 2018 the company expanded to Oulu and now have over 85 employees and an impressive pipeline of projects.

Ylivieska, Finland
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Rave struggled with getting information to flow between
the construction sites and the clients.

Before Rave started to use GBuilder they were struggling with keeping track of information that was divided on many different spreadsheets owned by different persons, external companies, and departments within the company. After countless hours of gathering data related to the building and the clients choices and special wishes it was very difficult to forward the information. All communication was handled via email which often led to mistakes and misunderstandings. Also the process of signing documents via email was a big hassle. The clients had to print out many different documents, sign them, scan and send forward which was too difficult for many clients that did not sign the documents which caused delays in the whole building process.


All information in the right hands at the right time

Rave started to use GBuilder a few years ago after comparing GBuilder with other construction technology providers. GBuilder met all their requirements and the GBuilder app was the icing on the cake since it would provide their construction sites with all needed information, the app even seemed to be easy for their clients to use. Also the fact that GBuilder is constantly developing was an important factor.

“We compared a few suppliers and GB was the most suitable. The app seemed easy for clients to use and would give the site all the needed information."

Mervi Sammalmaa - Sales Director, Rave Rakennus

The cooperation started by Rave using only a few of the modules provided, such as the inspection feature. The application helped them to keep all information in one place and available to all stakeholders. It also helped their clients to report issues and faults by taking photos and making notes with their phones through the GBuilder app.

As the cooperation went on with good results Rave expanded their GBuilder use and can now offer their customers an improved customer journey.

Rave is happy with the cooperation and according to their sales director Mervi, the onboarding went really smooth and they always get the help they need. GBuilder is answering all of their questions really fast and gives directions on how to proceed if an issue occurs.

The Process

When a new project is starting, Rave provides GBuilder with all the necessary information, for example, the DWG file that GB transforms into a BIM file. This basically means that the 2D floorplan is converted into a 3D model, a BIM, a digital twin.

Now the clients, the end-users (home-buyers) get their own personal log in to the GB platform where they can access all information related to their own specific apartment. Here the client has the opportunity to see the different material options, upgrades and add-ons offered and the possible price implication. They can also ask for a quote on something custom. All material options can be viewed in dynamic 3D and Virtual Reality where it is also possible to try available material configurations. The customers feel a part of the process and save them countless hours of time from face-to-face meetings. For Rave Rakennus this is an invaluable tool for upselling additional add-ons.

With the login to the GBuilder portal, the clients can also configure their future homes by choosing materials, reading and sending messages, signing documents, managing defects and communicating with the worksite throughout the whole process. As the cherry on top, all clients get to view their own personal home in 3D which is very appreciated by the home-buyer.

The 3D model is an appreciated function for home-buyers. It gives them the opportunity to not only visualise their own specific home but also make them see how it will look when ready, something that can be challenging for many home-buyers just by looking at a floor plan.

“Nowadays everything is handled electronically, so why shouldn’t the design of apartments also be? I think that these days technology is crucial to help with construction and sales. They are also being appreciated more and more all the time."

Mervi Sammalmaa - Sales Director, Rave Rakennus

Thanks to the 3D model and the virtual reality it is now easier for RAVE to sell apartments off-plan since they can show how the home-buyers apartment will look like, including the real window view, before the house is even built.

GBuilder white-paper cover titled "Configuration Module 2.0 - The Hearth of a Modern Customer Journey"

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Why now is the right time to invest in digital customer journey management with the help of a configuration module and boost your sales and ROI simultaneously.

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