June 6, 2022

Recent Partnership with LOFT Enabling Furniture Configurations in Every Home


Specialist furnishing services provider LOFT has announced a key partnership with GBuilder, a software company for residential and commercial developers.

LOFT, a full-service furniture provider for residential interiors, designed for property professionals, is digitising their product offering. LOFT is proud to bring GBuilder and its ‘one stop shop’ solution to their customers. GBuilder is a software company that offers 3D visualisation of each individual home within any development enabling investors, homeowners, and tenants to select their desired furniture, and to see how it suits and fits in their future home.

GBuilder is the only company in the world to use Building Information Models (BIM) as a service to manage interior specifications and customer choices. A single platform with wider product range and more fit-out choices means more sales opportunities for the developers; for the customers it means better informed decision making. Partnering with GBuilder, LOFT is now able to offer home buyers and tenants an immersive experience and the best possible tool when choosing just the right furniture for the property that is still in development phase.

LOFT’s Managing Director and Founder Benjamin Hall says:

“GBuilder is a game changer for the residential property industry. Allowing developers, residents, and homeowners to visualise and specify their interiors digitally, prior to the property being built!  
Partnering with GBuilder will add a new dimension to the way LOFT present to our clients, providing a flexible interior solution, with real products, in real time and to scale.
Because the solution is digital and online, clients can see how their interiors will look and feel at anytime, anywhere in the world. Saving on the cost and environmental impact of designing, manufacturing, importing, and installing multiple show homes to assist with sales and / or lettings.”

Speaking of the newly announced partnership, GBuilder Founder and CEO Harri Majala said:

“For today’s customers generic sample pictures, models and mock-ups just aren’t enough. We strongly believe that the future of construction and property sales are in the hands of companies who can provide the range of choices and control that the modern home buyer is already accustomed to in the virtual realm. Your new home as “real” as it’s going to be, yet still full of possibilities and promise. Partnering up with LOFT allows us to take the whole digital turn-key solution to the next generation era.”

The role of the property industry is changing rapidly. The pre-Covid world is not coming back. The importance of empowering the customer cannot be emphasised enough. Property developers will often provide mock-ups of various fit-out options, some of them even offer an online service to do so. GBuilder’s ‘one stop shop’ -platform takes this process much further by allowing the customers to view different fit-out and furniture options online in real-time, and what’s more: inside their future home. This enables quicker decision time for property sales and rentals including overseas purchasers, and the whole experience is much more personal and emotional right from the start.

About LOFT®

Established in 2003, LOFT® offers a seamless end-to-end design and supply service from project inception, through to completion, upkeep, and replacement, for landlords and investors, agents, and property managers. The business is renowned for providing products which balance style, durability, and price point, together with a first class, next day delivery, assembly, installation, and recycling service.

GBuilder white-paper cover titled "Configuration Module 2.0 - The Hearth of a Modern Customer Journey"

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Why now is the right time to invest in digital customer journey management with the help of a configuration module and boost your sales and ROI simultaneously.

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